Corporate Governance

The Indigenous Construction Resource Group’s vision sets out how all ICRG employees are expected to conduct themselves as part of the ICRG group of companies:

  • ICRG shall value human life and safety above all else.
  • ICRG shall care for our environment.
  • ICRG shall treat all persons in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • ICRG shall strive to achieve excellence within our business unit.
  • ICRG shall always conduct itself in a fair, ethical and honest way.
  • ICRG shall always seek to continuously improve all aspects of our business unit.
  • ICRG shall always work as a team to achieve our goals.
  • ICRG shall always strive to complete projects both on time and budget.
  • ICRG shall always strive to meet our clients requirements and deliver a professional service at all times.

ICRG is committed to providing a workplace that values and promotes the contribution of our employees and respects our employee’s cultural rights, values and beliefs.

Quality Policy

Indigenous Construction Resource Group (ICRG) is committed to providing quality products, services and innovative solutions in a safe and cost effective manner which meet and exceed where reasonably practicable, our client’s expectations.

Our Commitment

ICRG recognises the importance of continual improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, which encompasses all products and professional services undertaken for our clients. To meet this commitment we will:

  • Implement and maintain a quality management system that complies with and exceeds where reasonably practicable, our client expectations, applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards and codes of practice.
  • Consider and respond to the changing needs and expectations of our clients by maintaining systems and processes which ensure these opportunities are identified and incorporated into our business planning.
  • Provide adequate resources to continually deliver and improve on our business processes.
  • Assess client satisfaction of products or services provided both during and after delivery through proactive communication and engagement.
  • Promote quality awareness and integration by means of appropriate contracts and agreements with our suppliers.
  • Provide education and training to our employees that increase their knowledge and capability to deliver a quality product or service on every occasion.
  • Develop objectives and targets by which the effectiveness and improvements to our business can be measured.
  • Communicate and report on our achievements and celebrate our success along the way.

Our Goals

ICRG will deliver quality product or service to our clients in a responsive, safe and cost-effective manner

Delivering a quality outcome is seen as a critical and market competitive advantage to our business.

Our Responsibility

Every employee has a personal responsibility to deliver a quality product or service that meets our client’s expectations on every occasion.

Leaders at all levels in the group are accountable to communicate the requirements of this Policy and any other policy to all our employees, contractors, visitors and interested parties and involve them in its implementation.

We hold our leaders accountable for the planning and delivery of a quality product or service that meets and exceeds where reasonably practicable, our client’s expectations

This Policy will be reviewed, revised and republished where necessary to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to our Group’s activities.

Click here to download ICRG’s Quality Policy

Feature Project

Roy Hill MSA Road Upgrade

Upgrade and sealing of MSA Access Road, Carpark and Gatehouse.

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