Indigenous Engagement

Indigenous Engagement

Indigenous Construction Resource Group (ICRG) respects the traditions and cultures of Indigenous people and believes that effective management of Indigenous participation is an integral component of a successful business.

This Policy recognises the potential for development of relationships and partnerships between resource companies and Indigenous communities and the role ICRG can play in the socio-economic development of Indigenous people and communities.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is underpinned by recognising the need to demonstrate respect and an understanding of the cultural, social and economic issues which affect Indigenous people through activities of industry within this country. To meet this commitment we will:

  • Develop culturally appropriate learning and development programs for Indigenous Australians.
  • Work in partnership with Indigenous people and communities to foster strong relationships and assist in their economic development.
  • Respect Indigenous cultural rights, values and beliefs and the on-going connection Indigenous people have with the land, waters and community.
  • Adhere to culturally appropriate protocols endorsed by Indigenous people.
  • Ensure we have an honest and transparent approach when negotiating with Traditional Landowners.
  • Ensure support structures are in place for both our Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees.
  • Maintain compliance with all laws and regulations relating to Indigenous people and the Company.
  • Ensure our activities are supported by the provision of Aboriginal Cultural Awareness and related education programs.

Our Goals

Our vision is to make a positive contribution to sustainable change for Indigenous Australians and to work to establish positive relationships with local Indigenous people and communities that will deliver mutual benefits for all parties.

Our Responsibility

ICRG recognises the local customary needs of Indigenous people and the significant importance of preserving their culture and customs.

Every employee has a personal responsibility to ensure our employees are treated fairly and with respect regardless of their race, culture or values.

Our Management Team will ensure that Indigenous employment and business opportunities are considered wherever possible.

Leaders at all levels in the group are accountable to communicate the requirements of this Policy and any other policy to all our employees, contractors, visitors and interested parties and involve them in its implementation.

This Policy will be reviewed, revised and republished where necessary to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to our Group’s activities.

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