People and Careers

Staff Development

ICRG recognises that our people are our most important resource. In order to build a committed, stable and positive workforce we focus on providing attractive career development opportunities, comprehensive training and culturally appropriate support.

Using a training and development mentoring framework, ICRG has built a program that provides the necessary support for our employees and contractors and meets the needs of our clients. We seek to continually build on the skills of our staff and this results in a workforce that is constantly progressing, developing and expanding.

ICRG is an equal opportunity employer that actively encourages positive recruitment initiatives to improve Indigenous participation at all levels.

The success of ICRG’s approach to employment is demonstrated in its 90% annual retention rate, and a full-time employee base in which on average >60% of staff are Indigenous.

Feature Project

Roy Hill MSA Road Upgrade

Upgrade and sealing of MSA Access Road, Carpark and Gatehouse.

How we manage our business