Buru Energy Well Operations

ICRG was selected by Buru Energy to be the lead contractor to prepare all sites for its 2014 well preparation program.  ICRG was responsible for the project management, execution and handover of the drill pads, turkey nests and access roads, in extremely remote areas. ICRG constructed the laydown areas and turkey nests at two of Buru’s sites at the Ungani Oil field, near Broome and the Natural gas sites near Fitzroy Crossing. ICRG was responsible for engaging with Traditional Land Owners to create employment opportunities, with over half of the workforce being set aside for the local community.

  • April 2014
  • Completed the first two stages on time and below budget
  • LTI free to date across all project sites
  • Over 50% of local Indigenous workforce being retained

Feature Project

Roy Hill MSA Road Upgrade

Upgrade and sealing of MSA Access Road, Carpark and Gatehouse.

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