FMG Mainline – Rail Access Road

Initially 3 years in duration and spread over 560Km of east Pilbara, the rail line runs from all of FMG’s major mine sites including Solomon, Cloud Break, and Christmas Creek and is the most integral component of FMG’s operation as it’s the only artery to its Port Hedland rail facility. Scope includes reinstating and repairing flood damage to the formations and access roads. This ranges from simple scouring repairs to complex culvert, WA reinstatement at major creek and river crossings. The work also entails upgrade packages and implementing preventative measures With an indigenous workforce of over 60%, ICRG endeavour to maintain a majority indigenous personal on site.

Challenges working over an area of 560km include mobilising, communications, and being economical with cost and time. Completing jobs at an accelerated pace to facilitate priority works is an everyday occurrence. At these times companies can be vulnerable to HSE issues, however, through ICRG’s high safety standards the project remains 0 LTI.

FMG client personal have credited ICRG with how the project is run so far. With the use of brand new machinery and highly competent staff the project has run very smoothly while meeting the high standards of FMG.

Feature Project

Roy Hill MSA Road Upgrade

Upgrade and sealing of MSA Access Road, Carpark and Gatehouse.

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