Windarling Aerodrome Resealing Works

ICRG was contracted to survey the Windarling aerodrome and prepare the LTD existing runway, taxiway and apron surfaces to supply, place, compact and finish a new bitumised aggregate seal on top of the existing surface. and remark the existing line marking with new.

The total area of which approximated 67,500m2.

Works also included the regrading of the existing unsealed shoulders to suit the new surface levels. Some modification was also required to the existing unlined drains at the runway, taxiway and apron intersections due to inefficiencies of run-off water causing ponding adjacent to the sealed surfaces. carrying out necessary earthworks and excavation to complete this.

ICRG was responsible for obtaining all permits required to complete project eg hot works, environmental permits etc.

  • Site inspection and survey
  • Repair and surface preparation works
  • Sealing Works
  • Line Marking
  • Earthworks
  • Final Completion and Clean up

Feature Project

Roy Hill MSA Road Upgrade

Upgrade and sealing of MSA Access Road, Carpark and Gatehouse.

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